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Get a website that will grow your business.

Beautiful design



Poorly designed website hurting your business?

Are you facing these problems?

Outdated website

Most visitors can easily see if you have an outdated website, and that reflects poorly on your image.

Slow web designer

Struggling to get your current web designer to do updates urgently.

No statistics

Do you know how your site is performing every month to know where you should focus?

No support plan

Do you have a backup plan when something goes wrong?

Slow Site

If your site takes long to load, most visitors will close it and move on to your competitor.

Designer not answering

Are you struggling to get hold of your current web designer?

We believe everyone should be able to afford a high-quality website

Meet Justin

The Design Wizard

Like you, I once needed someone to build a site for me. Back then, in the early ’90s, it was challenging to even find a web designer. So I had to teach myself, which proved to be way more difficult because websites like Google and YouTube didn’t even exist. I had to learn the old-fashioned way… studying books.

In today’s world if you want to become a web designer it has to not only be your passion, but your obsession because you constantly have to keep up to date with the latest design trends, google requirements, online marketing strategies, and design strategies, otherwise you won’t have an effective or an engaging website. You’ll definitely have a unique advantage over your competitors by hiring me to develop your website since I’m obsessed with seeing your website succeed.

When you put your trust in me, as hundreds of other clients have, you will not only have a website you can be proud of, but you will also have a website that converts website visitors into customers.

Trusted by over 100 companies

Here’s how I solve your website problems

Quick Content Updates

I like to work fast & efficiently, and as soon you send content updates, I make it our priority to have it updated within 24-48 hours.


Web designers usually charge an arm & a leg. I on the other hand will get you the best value for your money that’s within your budget.

Fast Website Speed

Your site will be blazing fast. To prove it, when I do a site handover, I encourage clients to test the site using google page speed.

Maintenance & Support Plans

Have peace of mind by letting me handle your backups, security scans, virus & malware checks, image optimizations, plugins & core updates.

Detailed Website Reports

You’ll receive a monthly report to know exactly how your site is performing, who’s visiting from where, and for how long.

Google Rankings (SEO)

You’ll rank high on Google search results with my SEO to make your site more visible for more traffic.

Get your website done quickly

Our simple 3 step process


Complete the online form

It will only take you 5-10 minutes so complete the form which asks all the questions I usually ask first.


Appointment & Proposal

We’ll then discuss your site further over a phone or video call, whichever you prefer. We’ll also be well-prepared for our discussion because of the questionnaire you filled out, because reading your responses, we’ll give me a better grasp of what you need to be created, and the budget you provided will enable me to present the best options and possibilities to you in a proposal.


Enjoy your new website

We’ll then build your website and launch it when you are satisfied. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that your website problems are over.


Modern Website

You’re site will not only look amazing but will also be effective and engaging to your visitors.

Always ready to assist

You’ll never struggle to get hold of me during business hours. I’m even always available for a call or a WhatsApp.

Mobile Friendly Site

More than 50% of website visitors visit your site using their mobile devices, which is why all my sites mobile friendly.

"Exceeded my expectations"

“Justin from Graphic Magic has been an absolute pleasure to work with. The website he created for our business exceeded my expectations. It’s simple and easy to navigate while still being beautiful and conveys exactly what we do. I’m over the moon with our website. Thanks, Justin! Appreciate all the hard work. 🤩”
Victoria Bain

G2G Projects, G2G Projects

"Everything felt seamless"

“The key to any good website and graphic designer is that they need to understand what the client wants. Sometimes it takes so long to get this across to the designer because the customer and designer aren’t always on the same page. Everything felt so seamless when working with Justin. He knows exactly what you need and wants without even asking the question.”

Kyle Lovell

Director, Berry Pack

"Excellent Workmanship"

“Thank you Just fro your Excellent service! Would like to Thank You for your swift assistance with the development of our website. Also for your excellent workmanship, patience & timeous service”

Freda Philander

Coordinator, Community Development Foundation Western Cape

Let’s recap

Here’s what you get:

  • A modern website with a clear marketing message and blazing fast speed built on the most popular platform, namely WordPress.
  • Great service and availability from our side, that is always ready and willing to do website updates at a moment’s notice.
  • Detailed reports show you exactly how many people are visiting your site, what pages they are visiting, for how long, and from where.
  • Well-crafted SEO integration for your search engine rankings.
  • Maintenance & support plan options for you to choose from. Which lets us handle everything such as backups, security scans, virus & malware checks, image optimizations, plugins & core updates.

You get all this, plus the confidence you’ll be converting your website visitors into customers.

How much does all of this cost?

I wish every website was more or less the same so that we could provide fixed pricing, but unfortunately, building a website is similar to buying a vehicle, which has many criteria to consider, such as whether the vehicle will be a car, or bus, or truck. Do you want it to have electric windows, heated seats, air conditioning? Should it use diesel or petrol? And those options available to you will also depend on your price range.

The same is true for a website. Each client’s website requirements are always unique, with numerous variables such as functionalitysize, and design that can influence the outcome.

Some websites may appear similar on the front end, but their prices can vary greatly due to back-end functionality that a user never sees, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for search engines like Google.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “I have no idea what my budget is or how much websites cost.

In that case, I would suggest trying R4k increments. Can you afford a site of R4k, R8k, R12k, R16k, R20k, and so on. Once you’ve decided on an amount, we’ll work on a proposal for that amount, as well as a less expensive and a more expensive option.

Are you happy with the way your site looks?

Studies show that 75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on its web design.

Imagine that you are losing business right now with your current site and not even know it.

Your website is the front door to your business

At Graphic Magic we know that you want to be a proud owner of a successful website. In order to do that, you need a web designer that can create an engaging and appealing website for your customers. The problem is quality websites are usually an expensive and time-consuming process which makes you feel hesitant to even get started.

We believe everyone should be able to afford a high-quality website. We understand and we care about your business succeeding, which is why we’ve helped more than 100 companies build successful websites.

So you can stop being enbarresed over your poorly designed website and losing your visitors and instead make them become your customers.

Feel free to contact us when you’re ready

In the meantime, download this helpful PDF and see what crucial elements your current site may be missing.