Letterhead design that displays professionalism

Credibility for your business documents




When you don’t have one…

If a business does not have a letterhead, it may be more difficult for clients and customers to identify the documents that they receive as coming from that business. This can lead to confusion and may make it more difficult for the recipient to contact the business or take any necessary action in response to the document.

Additionally, without a letterhead, a business may not be able to establish a professional image or convey a sense of legitimacy to its clients. This can make it more difficult for the business to gain the trust of its clients and may impact its ability to do business effectively.

Overall, not having a letterhead can create a number of challenges for businesses and their clients.


  How I solve your letterhead problems

Memorable design

A well-designed letterhead that is memorable is an important tool for promoting your business and establishing your brand.

Easily editable & print friendly

You’ll receive a PDF version (Which can be sent to your local print shop). You’ll also be able to edit the ready-made letterhead in a Microsoft Word Document. Easily set it as your cover page or on every page.

Send professional emails

The industry standard is to send files through email as a PDF, with the word document you’ll easily be able to edit your letterhead and save it as a PDF for email purposes.

  My promise to you

A timely delivery

I will deliver the completed design by a specific date or within the specific timeframe discussed.

Quality Design

Your design will look great, and you’ll be proud to show it off to your customers.

Satisfaction guarantee

I make sure my clients are happy with the final result.

Here’s what you get…


  • Microsoft Word Document (.docx)
  • PDF Version
  • Instructions on how to set your letterhead as a cover page or on every page.

Letterhead Catalog (PDF)

To improve the flow of the process. We will send you a catalog of designs from which to choose. We’ll know exactly what you’re looking for, making the design process much faster.

*Design delivered in 1-3 Working days. Lifetime file storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to use my Letterhead in PDF and Microsoft Word?

Yes, you will receive a PDF and Microsoft Word file version of your letterhead.

My letterhead information has changed (such as address/contact nr/contact nr, etc.). How much would it cost to have it updated?

R150 update fee and you will receive the new version in PDF & Microsoft Word.

Will my design have the same look & feel as my business card?

Unless otherwise instructed, yes. It’s a good idea to keep your brand’s look and feel consistent.

Are your letterheads designed for A4 sheet?

Yes, unless you prefer US letter dimensions.

Letterhead Questionnaire

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If you would like font suggestions please visit Font Squirrel

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