At Graphic Magic, I grasp the essence of visual storytelling that your brand craves in this digital era. That’s why I am committed to personally crafting the narrative that will bring your story into the spotlight.

Visuals that Speak Volumes

Smart Design, Stronger Message

In the digital age, businesses are in a constant battle for attention. They need to establish a strong online presence, create memorable branding, and engage effectively with their audiences. However, the landscape is crowded, and standing out requires not just creativity, but a touch of magic.

Many businesses struggle with generic designs, forgettable logos, and websites that visitors abandon within seconds. They face the frustration of lost opportunities, dwindling engagement, and a brand that’s overshadowed by competitors. They need more than a designer; they need a strategist who understands the nuances of effective marketing communication.

This is where Graphic Magic steps in, bridging the gap between aesthetic design and strategic marketing. Offering more than just graphic design and web development, Graphic Magic understands the art of communication. Every design choice is made with the target audience in mind, from color psychology to the strategic placement of call-to-actions. Our approach isn’t about one-size-fits-all; it’s about capturing the unique essence of each brand and making it unforgettable.

Clients who choose Graphic Magic see a transformation that goes beyond digital aesthetics. They experience clearer communication with their audience, improved engagement, and, ultimately, a stronger brand presence. Their messages become impossible to ignore, not because they’re loud, but because they’re clear and they resonate.

But the digital world doesn’t stand still. Trends change, and audiences evolve. Businesses understand that to maintain their newfound success, they need to keep innovating and adapting. Here, Graphic Magic isn’t just a past solution but an ongoing partner in their journey. Here you know you have a strategist—a communicator who understands not just how to attract eyes, but how to captivate minds.

Hi, I’m Justin

I’m a Graphic & Web Designer. I help businesses shine by taking all the design tasks off their hands, making sure their business gets noticed by their customers.

My Story…

I started working on weekends for an Internet Café while I was in high school. I use the term “working” loosely, because I don’t remember getting paid to work there, but I did enjoy it. All I wanted to do was surf the internet, learn everything I could, and assist customers in “getting online” by teaching them how to use it.

After high school, I found myself in a unique and exciting phase of my life. At night, I attended IT courses, and during the day, I taught the same courses to students at a computer training university. It was a bit of a juggling act, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to constantly learn and grow.

After getting a bunch of Microsoft-certified qualifications in networking and programming, I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. I wasn’t interested in setting up networks and I realized that constantly sitting in front of a coding screen was boring. What I did enjoy though was doing graphic design and websites for friends and family. Back then I only thought of it more as a side hustle instead of a career.

For years, I focussed more on the graphic design aspect of my business. To this day I still love making logos, business cards, email signatures, letterheads, banners, and anything graphic deisgn related for clients.

I’m going to jump to another topic really quick as I feel it’s important for you to know another important thing about me and that is that I am obsessed with movies. I don’t mean that in the sense as everyone else does, I mean I am obsessed. Like I have thousands of DVDs Blu-Rays in my collection, I watch ALL the special features and I love learning how movies are made and how directors direct, writers write, and editors edit. Ok… let’s continue…

One Sunday morning I got a call from one of my parents’ friends saying invested in a company in the film industry and asked if I would be willing to move 250km to Pretoria and bring my graphic and web design skills so that I can be a part of this company.

Needless to say, I was the first one there the following morning.

I worked on more movies than I can count, mostly local South African movies, but now and again we got to work on international films that were shot locally. I did a wide variety of things, from video editing & effects, poster designs, websites for the movies, marketing proposals, and design strategies. I learned a lot about how the industry worked and the do’s and don’ts of marketing, which is why I saw an opportunity and started a product placement company (a short description of that is when a brand advertises to be in the movie as part of the story, like Aston Martin in James Bond).

Even during all of this, I still kept going back to doing design work and websites, as it was just something I really love doing and people kept asking me to help them with their websites through word of mouth. I slowly started to gravitate more to design work and let the product placement side of things just fade away, since it wasn’t what I enjoyed doing. The industry wasn’t fulfilling me, and I’ve always much preferred helping people to large companies.

Even during the early days of the 2020 pandemic lockdown, I thought I could have a quiet period of unwinding on the couch, immersed in movies and gaming, but my plans took an unexpected turn.  News of the critical shortage of PPE for hospital staff surfaced, which could have led to strikes. Luckily one of my hobbies is 3D printing, and I first thought I could print what I called “Face Visors,” and thought, other people with 3D printing could also do this, so I created a website so that anyone with a 3D printer could download the model and help print, and health care workers and essential workers could list their needs on the site and our community could send it to them. It was a huge success and I even got featured on the news a couple of times. Here is a one of the videos I recorded:

3D printing isn’t my only hobby, as far back as I can remember, I loved to show people magic tricks, chances are if you’ve met me, I’ve probably bent you a coin, or a spoon or showed you non-stop card tricks. I find it to be a great ice breaker and I just love giving adults that feeling of childlike wonder and amazement. That’s why I named my company “GraphicMagic”. Because I love to “Wow” people, whether it’s with magic or design.

Here’s where it all comes together….

So, if you’re wondering why I should design your website. It’s because, like Liam Neeson, I do have a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career.

Networking and programming skills taught me how to use the internet and code a website. Misdirection skills taught me how to get your audience to look in the direction you want them to. Graphic design skills that can make your website look appealing and engaging. And my marketing skills will help your brand have a clear marketing message to customers.

So consider me your design wizard, using my unique set of skills to conjure the magic that will set your brand apart in the online realm.

*Mic Drop*

A Peek Into My Universe

Interests & Inspirations

Cinematic Storytelling Deep Dives

My obsession with movies is, let’s say, intense. It’s not just about watching them; it’s about immersing myself in how they’re crafted. I dive deep into the making of films, from directing to editing. It’s like a masterclass every time I press play, and I’m all in for the lesson.

Adventures in Gaming

The worlds of “The Last of Us,” “God of War,” and “Horizon Zero Dawn” are my digital playgrounds. Gaming for me is about more than just entertainment; it’s about storytelling, exploration, and sometimes, learning how to be a sneaky strategist. It’s these narratives and virtual challenges that keep me coming back for more.

Magic: The Real Ice Breaker

Ever since I was four, magic tricks has been my go-to for sparking connections. Whether it’s bending a spoon or making a card vanish, I live for that look of wonder on people’s faces. It’s about sharing a moment of pure, unadulterated joy and surprise. And who knows? If we ever meet, you might just leave with a coin that’s a little… different.

Pop Culture & Collecting Memories

From superheroes to comic strips, my love for pop culture is about more than just admiration; it’s about collecting memories and the stories they tell. Each comic, figure, or game holds a piece of a larger narrative, one that shapes our modern myths and heroes.

Tech & AI: My Obsession

Tech gadgets and AI aren’t just tools of the trade; they’re the frontiers I explore. Crafting AI art, dabbling in the latest software, or concocting new ways to enhance productivity – that’s my kind of adventure. It’s about pushing boundaries and discovering what’s next on the horizon of innovation.

Stargazing & Space

There’s something about space that just captivates me. Maybe it’s the scale, the beauty, or the mystery of it all. Watching documentaries like “Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey” or just stargazing gives me a sense of wonder that’s hard to beat. It’s a humbling reminder of how vast and unknown the universe really is.

More than…

Years Experience

Websites Completed

“I can’t begin to express my gratitude. Justin made my website absolutely perfect. My clients comment all the time on what an awesome website I have! Justin takes the extra time to make sure you understand what he’s doing for you, which was huge for someone like myself (someone that doesn’t know a thing about website stuff!). Take comfort in knowing, working with Justin is like having a friend who has your back. Thanks for going above & beyond for me, Justin!!”

Sandra Du Toit

Founder, PR Holdings


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