We consider each project as if it were our own. Our work strives to move the needle forward by focussing on the goals & objectives, making our work and designs as professional & functional as possible, which is why our designs work like magic.

– Justin Wiggins

GRAPHIC MAGIC believes...

Simpler is better.

The details matter

Form & function don't compete; they compliment.

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Attention to detail is what separates Graphic Magic from the pack.

Our Vision

To be your one-stop shop for all things digital.


Communication is key; Our projects require intimate relationships with clients, which is why communication is candid & frequent.

Justin Wiggins

Creative Director/Owner


1980’s: I was born on June 22, 1981, in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and computers, games, and technology have always been a part of my life since I was a child. My first computer was a dreadful monochrome (green screen) IBM. I mostly used it to play games and print black and white mother’s day cards on one of those super-quiet dot-matrix printers.

1990’s: In the mid-1990s, when I was in high school, I learned a lot about this new thing called the Internet. On weekends, I began hanging out (and eventually working for) an Internet Café. I mostly spend my time playing LAN games and chatting (via IRC), but also learning about how the internet works.

2000’s: When I graduated from high school in 1999, my interest in computers led me to work for a computer training company (where I had previously attended).I was thrown in the deep end, finishing courses just days before while writing exams on the courses I was teaching. I received numerous certifications in programming, networking, and web development, but it wasn’t until the age of 22 that I discovered my creative side with graphic design software like Photoshop and 3D Studio Max (Which totally blew my mind and derailed my 4 years of studying programming & networking). I eventually began teaching graphic design, web design, and video editing at various computer training institutes until I was 24 years old. Using what I’d learned, I then began officially freelancing my skills to businesses for the next few years.

2006: TIME magazine named me Person of the Year.

2010: At 29, I began working in the South African film industry, creating and designing movie posters, proposals, presentations, video editing, and a variety of other digital-related tasks.

2012: I co-founded a company named MadRobot. Working on a variety of films in the entertainment industry, from product placement and brand integration to film editing, movie poster designs, website maintenance, proposals, and marketing material.

2016:For the film Eintlik Nogal Baie, I was Executive Producer. I also created all of the marketing materials, such as the movie poster and banners.

2017: I co-founded a beard oil company named Baardman. I created the logo, the website, the marketing materials, and the packaging. After a year, I left the company to pursue my passion for graphic and web design.

2018: Graphic Magic, a company that specializes in various solutions for digital content, was founded.

2019: As each printing shop frustrated and disappointed me with poor quality and missed deadlines, I began to work in the print industry, learning how manufacturing works. This is why I purchased machinery to supply my clients with T-shirts, Caps, Button Badges, Mugs, Vinyl Decals, and other items.

2020: I started a community/website called  Face Visor for anyone with a 3D printed or Laser cutter to help make PPE gear for hospitals and essential workers. COVID-19 affecting. I ended up on the news a few times, which was cool, but I was most proud that my community stepped up and helped so many people protect themselves from COVID-19.. News Report

2021: Graphic Magic hits 200 Websites completed mark.