Business card design with a great first impression

Offer a personal touch when swapping contact information




When you don’t have one…

There are several potential problems that you may face if you don’t have a business card.

It can be more difficult for you to make a professional impression on potential clients or business partners.

Business cards are often used as a quick and easy way to exchange contact information, and without one, you may have to rely on less efficient methods, such as writing down their information on a piece of paper or memorizing it and hoping the other person does the same. This can be awkward and may not leave as strong an impression as a well-designed business card would.

Additionally, without a business card, a person may have a harder time networking and connecting with other professionals in their field.

Business cards can serve as a convenient ice breaker and can help to establish credibility and trust.


  Why should I design your business card?

I have been working as a graphic designer for several years, and I have a strong track record of creating high-quality business cards that help businesses stand out and communicate their unique brand identities.

In addition to my professional experience, I am also extremely passionate about design and I’m constantly seeking out new inspiration and ideas. I take the time to carefully understand my client’s needs and goals, and I work closely with them to create business cards that are not only visually appealing but also aligned with their brand values and messaging.

  How I solve your business card problems

Memorable design

A well-designed business card that is memorable is an important tool for promoting your business and establishing your brand.

Front and/or back design

When you hand your customer your business card, the first thing they do is look at both sides before reading, even if it’s just your logo, it’s important to have a design on both sides.


Choose between a horizontal or vertical design, this is purely up to you, and many clients prefer  to stand out a little more with a vertivcal design.

Print Friendly

Print shops are fussy, some require a PDF with a bleed and trim marks. We provide all of that and can even customize it if your print shop has specific requirements.

QR Code

Optional QR code on your business card to take customers directly to your website or to save your contact details. You’ll receive it separately to store on your phone or have it printer as a sticker.

Industry Standard Size

Some designers and even print shops will choose a random business card size that won’t necessarily fit into someone’s wallet or business card holder, which makes it likely they will lose your card.

  My promise to you

A timely delivery

I will deliver the completed design by a specific date or within the specific timeframe discussed.

Quality Design

Your design will look great, and you’ll be proud to show it off to your customers.

Satisfaction guarantee

I make sure my clients are happy with the final result.

Here’s what you get…


  • Print Ready (PDF) files of your business card (With bleed + Trim Marks)
  • JPG Version
  • QR Code (JPG)
  • 3D Mockup (JPG)

 3D Mockup Examples:

Business Card Catalog (PDF)

To improve the flow of the process. We will send you a catalog of designs from which to choose. We’ll know exactly what you’re looking for, making the design process much faster.

Here’s how it works

Step 1

Complete the form

Click on the “Get a business card design” button to complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Step 2

Receive designs

You receive the design. We give you some time to decide if there are any changes you would like.

Step 3

Give feedback

You tell us any changes you want us to refine to get us closer to the final design.

Step 4

Receive the design

Your files are neatly packaged to be sent to your local print shop for printing.

**Additional Cards after the final packaged business card files are charged at R150 each.**

Design delivered in 1-3 Working days. Lifetime file storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the design include both sides?

Yes, it included front and back.

I need different business cards for the same company?

To change the details of your design, an additional R40 design fee will be charged for each card. All file “ready for print” formats will be sent accordingly.

Can you print them for me?

Unfortunately, we don’t print business cards, but you will be able to email/take your file to most print stores and they will be able to print the cards for you.

Can I choose a custom shape for my business card?

Once we begin, you can have the design in any custom shape you want, including rounded corners. However, we recommend that you first contact your local print shop to see if they will be able to do it.

Business Card Questionnaire

Please fill out this form with the details you'd like to include on your business card.
The more information you provide, the better we can tailor the design to your needs.
Example: Nike: "Just do it"
eg. Office, Cellphone, Head office, Fax
Usually you should not put your social media profile on your business card unless your business is social media focussed and has a dedicated username such as @graphicmagicfb

Invoicing Details