Working with Justin

Thank you for considering my graphic & web design services. To ensure clarity and set the right expectations, here are some key points about our potential collaboration:

Availability & After Hours Support

  • Standard Hours: I operate from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (GMT+2)), dedicated to delivering efficient and top-tier services.
  • After-Hours: Emergencies don’t always stick to business hours. I offer after-hours support for those unexpected situations, albeit at an additional fee.

Communication & Updates

  • Preferred Channels: For quick touchpoints, I prefer WhatsApp or phone calls. However, please note that while I appreciate the efficiency of group chats, I kindly request that you refrain from adding me to group platforms, including WhatsApp groups. My commitment to delivering quality work often means I focus intently on my tasks, and I may not have the capacity to engage with group messages not directly related to a project. If included in a group, I may opt to mute or archive it for productivity reasons. For detailed discussions or inquiries, email is the best approach. Expect a response within 1-3 business days.
  • Project Updates: I believe in transparency. You’ll be regularly updated about your project’s progress and any significant milestones or changes.

Meetings & Timelines

  • Efficiency First: To ensure productivity, I favor concise online meetings (15-30min) over lengthy in-person ones. This approach helps me manage my time better, ensuring timely project completion.
  • Deadlines: I respect your time and business needs. When I commit to a deadline, I ensure it’s met, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Collaboration & Feedback

  • Initial Queries: I might ask questions at the project’s start to fully grasp your design vision. This helps in tailoring the best solutions for you.
  • Design Decisions: While I’ll provide feedback on design choices, the final decision rests with you. My aim is to align with your vision while ensuring optimal design practices.


  • Invoicing: After we’ve discussed and agreed upon the project scope and cost, I’ll send an invoice. Work begins once the payment is cleared.
  • Payment Structure:
    • Small Projects (e.g., Logo Design, Business Card Design): Full payment upfront.
    • Large Projects (e.g., Web Design): A 50% downpayment to kickstart the project.
  • Retainer Option: For clients needing priority attention, I offer a monthly retainer, ensuring I’m readily available for your immediate needs.