Website Support

In the early years of the Internet, things were different. You could just hire a web designer, pay thousands of Rands, and be done. The website would then sit on the Internet, and the leads would flood in. Sites didn’t need extra attention and hands-on maintenance except to change out the occasional wording of something. Small business websites also weren’t being bombarded by global hacking attacks.

Flash forward to our day, ongoing website support is necessary to keep it running smoothly

Our Support Services

Weekly Backups

We keep weekly backups of your website for 1 month, so if disaster strikes, you can be back up and running in minutes, not months. Furthermore, copies of our backups reside in multiple unique locations, both onsite and in the cloud. Your data is safe!

Plugin Updates

On a WordPress site, there are Plugin Updates. These updates are important to work with the latest WordPress core files which we also update. Some updates cause unpredictable results, which we fix for you, you won’t need to lift a finger.

Security Updates

Security updates are important against hacker attacks. We make sure your site isn’t infected with viruses or malware hacks. We monitor for security updates and patches. You’ll always have the latest security for your site against against attacks.

Clicking on the update button is easy, but understanding the process and being able to deal with the unpredictable is hard.

Content Updates

Want us to regularly update your site with new content? We can do that and advise you on where it should go and how it would work best for your audience. Ultimately the choice is up you, but we love to give you input to help you make the best design choice.

Custom Reports

Get monthly/weekly detailed analytics email reports on your site to look closely at website visitors, from which pages are visited most to how long they visit a page, and much, much more. This information is invaluable for your business to know what your clients are looking at.

Photo Optimizations

Images can cause websites to slow down, even on fast servers. Therefore, we have extra tweaks and optimizations we can do to drastically speed up your website. Some sites load 2-4 as fast after we work on them! This benefits both your search engine rankings and user experience.


We do offer custom support plans depending on your needs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss what we can help you with.