Website Support

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to running your business. Stressing about keeping your website up to date shouldn’t be one of them.

We’ll take care of your website so you don’t have to.

Your website plays a crucial role in the success of your business. It generates leads, customers and revenue. It’s how customers find and connect with you. But, just like any software, websites require support to keep them working properly.

Maintenance Considerations

  • Is your website software up to date?
  • Do you have a regular schedule for website support?
  • Do you have support when something goes wrong?
  • Do you know how your website is performing each month?
  • When did you last backup your website?
  • Are you wasting time trying to maintain your website yourself?
  • Is the information on your website up to date?
  • Is your website speed causing you to lose potential clients?

No contract or commitment — just peace of mind.

How it works

Our support plan features


Software Updates

We will keep your software updated (wordpress core files, plugins, themes) so that it’s not susceptible to known vulnerabilities.


Security Monitoring

Your site will benefit from world-class malware & virus scanning. If it does get hacked, we’ll fix it absolutely free of charge


In the event something happens, (such as being hacked) we will restore your site from your previous backup absolutely free of charge.



So you can know exactly what’s been done, and how your website is performing.

Speed increase

Withe database optimization & Image Optimization your site will load much faster.


24/7 Monitoring

We will immediately know if your site goes down and will get working on fixing the problem immediatly .

Are you ready to stop worrying about your website?

*** AS A BONUS ***

On the Standard & Premium Plans we offer to take care of 1 quick website update you might have (up to 15min) every month! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your site is safe and that you have us in your corner for any content update.

Detailed Reports

Our PDF reports that you will receive ad the end of every month give you better insight into how your site is performing through analytics.

We also share reports on backups, software updates, security, SEO Ranking and Woocommerce.

Hourly Rate

(content updates, revisions and additions)

For support plan clients – our rate is currently R900/hr billed in 15min increments.

For non-maintenance plan clients – our rate is currently R1200/hr billed in 15min increments.

Why the different rate?

Because jumping into a site that has not been routinely updated, secured and maintained by us often leads to much more backend work even for fairly simple updates. It’s one of the main reasons we highly recommend joining our monthly plan. By trusting us to look after your site and keep it running smoothly month to month, we’re happy to offer a discounted rate on updates, revisions and additions.

While full projects are estimated at a fixed rate, we offer our hourly rate for things like quick website updates, one-off development additions and graphic design work for current and past clients.

If you’re already a client, you know we work fast and always provide the most timely, efficient service. We get as many details as we can upfront then provide an estimate before moving forward.

Our rate is still on the lower end of the scale compared to other web designers & agencies with our level of expertise and customer care.

“Websites can be a major headache if you aren’t prepared. Nothing is worse than losing your entire website due to a virus; thankfully, I no longer have to worry about that.”

Craig Van Den Berg

CEO, A & R Associates

“I’m relieved to know that that we have backups in case something goes wrong. For example, one of my employees accidentally deleted a large number of content updates. Justin restored it in minutes.”

Christo Enslin

Director, Future Assets Investments

“I had a fear of updating my own plugins because it would occasionally result in unexpected problems. I’m so happy that Graphic Magic took that stress away from me.”

Noma Gumede

Owner, LLC Trading


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Can I upgrade my support plan anytime?

Sure thing. If you need to increase your level of website care just let us know and we’ll move you to a more suitable plan.

What happens if I pass on your plans?

If you decide to decline our maintenance plan, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Here are the top reasons I recommend you make sure your website is maintained:

  • The site will not be optimized which leads to poor performance, slow loading times and a gradual loss of Google SEO rankings.
  • The site’s tools, plugins, themes and WordPress itself will quickly go out of date which is the #1 leading cause of website hacks. It’s incredibly important to keep ALL your website tools and plugins up-to-date.
  • You’ll have no backups or restore points so if the site gets hacked or breached, you could lose all your content, pages and Google ranking.
    You won’t get a monthly report overviewing your site traffic, page views, etc.
Does my monthly update time roll over?

Negative on this one. The bonus update is just covered for that month.

Are there any setup or cancellation fees?

Never a cost to leave.

If we are building or redesigning your site; there is no setup fee if you are joining our maintenance program straight away as part of the project.

If it’s been more than six months since we built your site or if you have made changes to the site since we built it within those six months, there IS an R600 setup fee.

If we didn’t build your site the setup fee starts at R1200. Contact us to get a setup fee quote.

When will I get my website report?

We aim to send you your monthly care plan report on the last Friday of each month.

Occasionally your report may arrive a little earlier or later due to a variety of reasons. 

What happens if I break my site?

If you manage to break your website (it’s ok, it happens more often than you might think) then let us know and we will restore it to a previous version for you. You will only lose your changes since the previous backup.

What if my site get hacked while I'm on the plan?

If your site should get compromised while you’re on the plan – we’ll take care of cleaning the site and getting everything squared away with Google at no extra cost to you. But have no fear; to date – we’ve had ZERO hacks or breaches with any sites on our maintenance plan.

What if I have updates that require more than 15 min?

We’ll always try to get your updates done within 15 min to save you some extra cost, but if you have a decent amount of updates that will require more time, we’ll give you an estimate.

What if I pass on the plan, and my site gets hacked?

We can take care of getting the site cleaned for an initial cleanup fee of R3000 then we can immediately get your site on our monthly plan to make sure it remains clean and protected from hacks.

How fast do you get to the monthly updates?

We’re pretty darn quick around these parts. We try to get to updates within 24-48hrs. As a monthly client, you always get top priority compared to clients who aren’t on the plan.