Here are some handy tools everyone should use…


Make full backups of your computer and external drives. It works out at about R99 a month for UNLIMITED storage. You can schedule backups or make it back up files continuously as soon as you save a file.

You can access all the files “on the go” as well on your mobile device.

It’s similar to dropbox, but the main difference is this backups up your whole computer and not just selected files


You won’t need to remember passwords again. It generates passwords for you and also completes forms with your information for you. The FREE version does more than enough, the paid version allows your passwords to be synced across other devices.

TinyJPG and TinyPNG:

With these 2 websites, you can compress JPG and PNG files. All our images on websites are compressed using it. Just remember to resize the image first to the desired size before using the sites for compression.