Poster/Flyer Design

A printed picture used for decoration or promotions.

We can create a Poster add or even a custom movie poster for you. You name it, we can design what your need on almost any size poster.

Frequently Asked Questions

What content do you need for the poster/flyer?

Each poster is different. It depends if it’s promo, decoration or movie poster. Content varies. We will have to discuss this.

Do you provide the file in CMYK for printing?

Yes, all poster files are provided with high-quality PDF files ready for print.

What movie posters can you make?

I have made professional movie posters for the film industry. I’ve made custom movie posters by replacing popular posters with clients’ faces and the credits at the bottom of the poster. 

What size can the poster be used for?

It depends on the final design for the content, some posters can be shrunk to flyer size, or even resized to be on the side of a building, but the standard size for a poster is 690mm x 990mm