Letterhead Design

A printed heading on stationery, stating a person or organization’s name and address.

Your letterhead will be specifically designed according to your business and your concept to meet your needs and stand out from the others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to use my Letterhead in PDF and Microsfot Word?

Yes, you will receive a PDF and Ms Word file version of your letterhead. 

My details for my letterhead have changed (such as address/contact nr/contact nr etc) How much would you charge to update it?

R50 update fee and you will receive the new version in PDF & Microsoft Word.

Will my design have the same look & feel as my business card?

Yes, unless instructed otherwise. It’s good to keep your look & feel of your brand similar. 

Are your letterheads designed for A4 sheet?

Yes, but can design for US Letter dimensions as well.

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