E-mail Signature Design

An email signature is a part of a brand image. It is often called an email footer.

An email signature is the best marketing tool nowadays because it’s like giving a person a business card every time you send an email. It also shows you or your company’s personality. A perfect tool to represent yourself or your company.

A clickable email signature can increase your business branding identity by redirecting traffic to your site or social media platforms. 

Regular Email Signature

This is a single image that you can add to your Email Signature. It won’t be clickable such as an HTML signature, but simply an image for your email receivers to look at.

HTML Clickable Email Signature

This email signature will have clickable links on the icons, phone number, address and location when added to you email signature program. Which increases traffic to your websites and social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do i provide?

Your company logo, full name, job title, contact numbers, website address (If required), social media addresses (if required), portrait image of yourself (If required).

What if i provide you a design and tell you to make the HTML Email signature like it?

That’s amazing, I always love to make my clients happy. but, before we go with this process, you have to contact me and have to show your desired design. So that I can understand the complexity first

Can I add my own custom hosted banner under the signature that I can change myself?

Yes, you will have to contact me that we can discuss the methods available for you.

Is the HTML code Editable?

Yes, the HTML code is editable. To edit the signature, you have to edit the HTML source code manually.

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