Button Badges

Temporarily fastened to the surface of a garment via pin.

Button Badges are used by adhering the badge to a surface using a safety pin /magnet. It can be used in a variety of ways such as decoration, gifts, business promotion, fundraising, name tags etc.

Button Badges are rarely thrown away.

Examples of Button Badges

Here are a few ideas of what people use Button badges for.

How Button Badges are made

Designs are printed out and cut into circles using a circular punch. A specialized Button Press machine is used to press a piece of mylar, the pin itself, and the printed image into a single button badge. To make these badges are time & labor-intensive depending on the number of buttons to press.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do custom button badges?

Yes, we do, we can design anything you require, or even use your company logo or any image you provide us.

Please be aware if we have to design badges there could be an additional graphic design fee.

Can I resell Button Badges?

Yes (if there is no copyright involved). In fact, we have a 100 Mega Button Badge Pack that clients buy from us and then resell at schools, events, shops, and flea markets.

Do you do custom packaging for the Button Badges?

Yes, but depending on your needs it will first have to be discussed. Feel free to contact us.

What sizes are your Button Badges?

We make the most popular size 37mm.