Going Live Guide

Congratulations! Your site is live and ready to be seen by the world. What’s next you may ask? How do you promote your site?

Keep reading to find out…


Spread the Word!

Now that your website is live, the most important thing to do initially is drive traffic to it. This will help Google index it faster and start building your SEO rankings. Here are some ideas to get the word out:

  • Word of Mouth  — Word of mouth is still the most powerful referral. If you’re as excited as we are when your site launches, tell those around you! Get their opinion and see what they think about your new online presence. That’s valuable feedback that may come in handy when considering changes and additions to the site moving forward.
  • Social Media — Use your network of Facebook friends, family or co-workers to get the word out. You’d be surprised how far one post can go when it’s shared and liked. Also, if you’re active on LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat or other social networks, share away!
  • Email Newsletter  — If you have a newsletter or email list, be sure to let them know that the new site has launched and even more importantly, how it can help their business or add value to them. MailChimp is what I use and highly recommend for email newsletters.
  • Marketing & Advertising — If you’re serious about driving traffic to your website, you might consider paying for online advertising, such as the paid “ads” on the top of Google search results. We can connect design static ads as well as video ads for your social media to engage your target market and audience into driving traffic to you.

Going Live FAQ

Why is my site now showing up on google?

It takes time for google to “index” your site to their search engine. It could take some time anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

I would like to update my site on my own in the future, can you teach me how?

Yes, if you are going to be doing a lot of updates it would be beneficial and we do offer training. For large changes, however (new pages, menus, etc) it would be wise for us to do those updates for you.

Do I need a support plan?

Honestly yes, a website is like a car and needs to be serviced. WordPress and its plugins need to be updated, and with updates could come unexpected results. There also needs to be security checks & backups made in case anything should happen. So please consider a support plan.

I would like to upgrade my site to an online store, is this possible?

Yes, converting your site to an eCommerce site is certainly doable.

Can you design (video) ads to promote my site?

Yes, we sure can.

Ask for Reviews

Online reviews are now more important than ever. Particularly for businesses being googled and found online, a user will look at reviews almost immediately. Quality online reviews will also improve your search engine ranking. There are many different ways to get reviews:


  • Google Review — This is highly recommended as google reviews are generally what will pop up when somebody finds your site with an internet search. You can either have your customers google your business and leave a review or ask us and we’ll generate a special link for you to send directly to your happy customers. This link will take them directly to the review form.
  • Facebook Reviews — FB reviews are also great and are now a more reputable spot for customer reviews. If your new customer is active on Facebook, send them a link to your Facebook review page. When potential customers check out your Facebook page, they will be impressed by a few 5-star reviews on there.
  • Testimonials — Once you have a few 5-start revies, we can set up a Testimonials page (or work it in between the content of your site). We recommend asking customers for reviews on Google, Facebook & LinkedIn and we will copy these reviews to your site.

Keep your site “Fresh” and Updated

After your website has been live for a while, we recommend doing some things to keep it fresh. Here are some suggestions:

  • Gallery Photos — If your website has a gallery page, keep it updated with your recent projects/work. Whether you’re a roofer or a cake designer, make sure you take high-def photos of your work before moving on to the next project!
  • Page Content — If things in your industry change or your services change, be sure to update your site accordingly. Even adjusting content by a few words can show Google that your site is being updated and is not stagnant.
  • Contact Information — If information, hours, address, phone, email, staff, or anything else changes for your business, be sure to change the website too! This should be the #1 most accurate source of information on your business. There’s nothing worse than having wrong information on a website. Or having a staff member’s picture on the page when that person doesn’t work there anymore. Keep your website updated and streamlined to your business.

Add New Site Content

Website is viewed by Google as being “alive” or “dead.” An “alive” site is driving traffic, getting new and existing users, being updated, and posting new blogs and content. If your site is “dead” – e.i. not being managed, updated or taken care of – it can impact your SEO ranking dramatically. Here’s some options on how to build your website content:


  • Blog — Blogging can be a challenge for some (since we’re not all writers), but the facts remain: websites with blogs generally drive 30-40% more traffic to their sites than their competitors. Google will sometimes even pick up blog posts before picking up major website pages. If you can contribute good, lasting content that is well thought out and valuable to your customers, you will drive more traffic. Don’t be afraid to use social media and your network to get the word out. Do you hate writing? We can connect you with excellent content writers and copywriting specialists.